Delivering in Style.
Since 1985.

We execute the simplest to the most complex of orders for clients worldwide. From laying, cutting, stitching and embroidery to quilting and printing, we have the wherewithal to do everything under one roof. When it comes to delivering quality, we have a distinct style : on time, every time.

State-of-the-art Manufacturing

  • KANBAN implementation across all factories.
  • Line design running over 13,000+ machines
  • Centralised Piloting perfect line concepts
  • BPKs across all business units.
  • 100% NOS certified lines at select factories

Our services

We offer services and processes that breathe life into the client's ideas.


Multiple Capabilities

  • Trend Forecasting
  • Product Engineering
  • Fashion Designing
  • Style Optimizing
  • Industry Innovation

Quality Management

  • Principle 1 Design lean value streams
  • Principle 2 Make lean value stream flow
  • Principle 3 Make flow visual
  • Principle 4 Create standard work of flow
  • Principle 5 Make abnormal workflow visual
  • Principle 6 Create standard workflow for abnormal workflow
  • Principle 7 Have employees in the flow to improve the flow
  • Principle 8 Execute and perform